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Markets Cube is a relatively new forex and CFD broker. It quickly gained popularity among traders due to their caring attitude towards both the beginners and seasoned traders. Their official website provides a wide range of useful information for each person that is only getting started with trading on the financial market. It should be noted that Markets Cube is not a licensed broker.


As each reliable broker, Markets Cube will ask you to go through the verification procedure once you made a deposit. Copies of your Identification document, Proof of address and Proof of payment are the usual pack of documents asked by every firm on the market. Markets Cube is not the exception. Withdrawals are possible only once the verification process is completed, as mentioned on their website. It does not say anything about how long it usually takes for the withdrawal to be processed. However, judging from customer reviews the withdrawals are really fast and the process does not take more than 7 business days.


Markets Cube has English-speaking customer support who are ready to help you with all the possible queries 24 hours a day 5 days a week. You are able to contact the support team via email, live chat or just calling them. Response time is quite quick, you will not have to wait hours for your question to be answered. Their Customer service team seems to be proficient and helpful. Judging from multiple forum reviews, traders can be assured that they will receive a caring attitude here.


The trading software which Markets Cube uses is called Sirix. Sirix WebTrader is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS operating systems. Sirix trading platform is designed to speed up trading and can be pre-configured to include the instruments and lot sizes you trade regularly. There is also the option to enable or disable one-click-trading. You can easily access your open positions, pending order and closed positions from the main Sirix workspace. Mobile apps are also available. Markets Cube also offers bonus system depending from deposit amount and type of account (from 30% to 50%).


Markets Cube offers a variety of underlying assets for trading including; Major and Minor Forex pairs, Stock Market Indexes, Shares, Oil, Gold, and Silver, Cryptocurrencies. Also, they propose several account types such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, Mega, and ECN. Spreads for EUR/USD pair for each specific account type are 2.7 (Silver), 1.7 (Gold), 1.2 (Platinum), 0.7 (Mega), 0.4 (ECN). Here you can find more information about various account types offered by Markets Cube.


All in all, Markets Cube does seem to be a proficient and reliable company as we have found evidence of their professional and careful attitude towards new clients. Add here more than fair spread offerings and fast withdrawals and you might never want to start searching for a new broker.

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    Broker Markets Cube
    Website URL MarketsCube
    Trading PlatformSIRIX
    Minimum 1st Deposit250$
    Minimum Account Size250$
    Minimum Trade Amount0.01 lot
    Maximum Trade Amount60 lots
    BonusOpen deposit and get 100% bonus!
    Spread1.5 EUR/USD
    Free Demo Account No
    Fees Yes
    Fee InfoFixed
    Commissions Yes
    Commission InfoFixed
    Number of Assets50+
    US Traders Allowed No
    Mobile Trading Yes
    Tablet Trading Yes
    Tech SupportYes
    Binary optionsNo
    Trading signalsYes
    Native SupportYes
    Cent AccountYes
    Mini AccountYes
    Standard AccountYes
    VIP AccountYes
    ECN AccountYes
    USD IndexYes
    Limit OrderYes
    Charting PackageYes
    News StreamingYes
    Market OrderYes
    Stop OrderYes
    News TradingYes
    Personal Account ManagerYes
    Live ChatYes
    Web TradingYes
    Auto TradingYes
    Trusted ManagmentYes
    Affiliate Program:Yes
    Expert advisors:Yes
    Free Education:Yes
    Daily Analysis:Yes
    Trailing StopsNo
    Decimals5 decimals
    Blocked countriesUnited States, Bulgaria, Israel
    Accepted CountriesAll, excepted the blocked
    Overall Score4.9

21 Responses to “Markets Cube”

  1. Hi there! I have been trading in forex for more than a year and this is my second broker. I trade through Silver account, in which the low spread spreads from 1.8 pips and the high leverage of 1: 200. So far everything suits me, except for the absence of the MT4 trading platform, which has become familiar to me for a year. Although Sirix is also quite a comfortable platform. So, I will continue to work with them.

  2. Usually I do not write reviews . However , I want to share the satisfaction trading with Marketscube. I manage to double my investment for 1 month which I highly doubted on the first place.It’s obviously working.The account managers – great job !

  3. I worked with this broker for a month and a half and everything is fine. In the beginning, I wanted to use scalping, but the support service informed me that its use was prohibited. I had to use a different strategy. They were very friendly and competent, so I did not regret my decision.
    I made the first deposit of $5000 and earned $1300 a month using social trading. Not bad, I think:) I will continue to trade.

    Best regards, Tommy

  4. I agree with the previous feedbacks. I have been trading for a couple of months and there were no problems. At first, when I started trading, I applied to the support service, which helped me a lot. This is especially true of the platform Sirix, with which I then did not know how to work (I was used to MT4), but quickly learned everything with the help of the guys from customer support. Now I have already earned almost $2000 from the first deposit and I’m not going to stop. What do I wish for all:)

  5. Very professional, efficient and friendly support, particularly from trading support manager Boris thank you. Withdraw of money honoured, when requested. I would recommend based upon the service and training I was given.

  6. Well I will not be so positive as others. They do not have basic informations on the website (margin, swap). Their margin level is high and swap as well. They use quite risky strategy. Maybe good for someone who does not know trading, but not for me. They are too much pushy. In the beginning account manager suggested few good trades, I have done myself some good trades. Then we both misjudged one trade. Then account manager suggested hedging I was sure that even trade was not opened in good position it will go finally the expected way, which has happened then. But manager convinced me to do hedging. They are very self confident, but they are not so much good as they think. Now I am in hedge situation big swap is decreasing my margin and I will have very difficult time to get from this. Usually I am not nervous during trading. But now I am. I hope I will get from this with very small loses(can even be almost without loss). Their trading strategy simply does not suit me. Too much risky and they are not so much good. I can pick up trade and predict market better. I just would like to be so confident as they are.

    1. What do you mean Margin Level is high? Margin level is calculated on the Market > Equity : Margin x 100% // it is everywhere like that and cannot be changed / if your margin level is bad it is because you are exposing yourself or the positions are against you, it has nothing to do with the company / as for strategies, it depends on the broker and how you work together, so some are good others not so much/ overall this comment does not show any knowledge

    2. Hey, Robert. I read your comment and thought about it. Why don’t you use signals? I always use various resources with signals (for example before deciding on the current transaction. I don’t think that the broker is very guilty in this situation, given that they warn of risks and you also wrote about good deals with them. Anyway, I advise you to always use signals, especially since they’re often free

  7. I want to try trading with Markets Cube. Their conditions suit me, in particular, a small first deposit. This is important for me because I don’t have a lot of money. Tell me, is it possible to use day trading or medium-term trading in Markets Cube? In my opinion, these strategies are the most profitable. That’s why I would like to use them. I will be grateful for any information about this.

    1. Hello, Jackie! Yes, in Markets Cube you can use day and mid-term trade. I have been using day trading for several months on their account and I want to try to move to the medium-term trading. So you can also open an account and try to trade.

  8. So hard to find a legit one in this business. I was sceptical that all of these reviews are coming from the company itself. However, I test it out. Pretty decent service, so far so good.
    4 out of 5 if you ask me (Withdrawal took me 36 h, otherwise it would be a higher one)

  9. Not margin level I meant required margin. Swap is also high. But they offer big bonuses which are not time limited. I am not completely satisfied with them, but there are some advantages. Leverage is also high, which is good. But alway it can be better. Account managers are part of the company so they also influence the quality of company, you genius.

  10. I mean required margin is high, swap as well. There should be also calculator for traders to calculate margin and swap. They offer big bonuses and have big leverage that is good. Account managers are part of the company. Just the one I have got was not really good for me. Maybe I was unlucky, maybe other account managers are better. I just describe my experience. Does not matter now for me. I will trade alone, like any real trader should. Maybe I will earn less maybe more. Don’t care about that much. Better to be really trader with your own system, then some client who just do not know anything and depends on account manager.

  11. I also wrote about good deals witch I made myself. And in this situation we had different style of solving. So maybe I would just do better without account manager as I am doing now. Well seems to me like almost someone from Markets Cube responding. I really find very strange, that here in this whole section is not any comment, which would tell as negative, that they do not have the calculator for margin and swap. These are just basics. Seems to me, like they just focus on people, who do not know anything about trading and then trade on their behalf. So maybe they should also do something for people who want trade theselves.

  12. Hello Niko, I am not telling that broker itself is guilty, but account manager surely is. I do not want to describe here whole story as it would be very long. Just want you assure that if I would be trading myself or with better account manager it would not have happenned. And as they promote that their account managers are very good and it is the type of company where you depend on your account manager, then I find very reasonable to point out my bad experience.

  13. Hi there, I shared my positive feedback about them here around 2 months ago. I have been trading with them for 7 months so far and already withdrew 2500 $ of clear profits, thanks to George – my personal trading account manager. I was a novice trader back then when I started with them and I appreciate their caring attitude which they showed to me. To sum up, so far so good!

  14. Hi Arnold! First, I made a minimum deposit of $250 and another $1000 a week after that. Then within 7 months I earned and withdrew $ 2500.

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